Neighborhood Liskwartier Rotterdam North

This is Google maps of Liskwartier.

Liskwartier is a District in the North from the municipality of Rotterdam. It consists of 57 hectares of land and 2 hectares of water. There live approximately 7340 people in 3700 residences with approximately 1175 children under 15 years (16%) and 10% above 65. The population is of mixed composition, young and old, immigrant (46%) and autochthonous (54%) [1]. The neighborhood Liskwartier is surrounded by the motorway A20, the river Rotte, the Hofbogen (former rail Hofplein to The Hague and the last years ‘randstadrail’ [lit. rail to the suburbs] on this hofbogen Rotterdam) and the Bergweg, a major street in Rotterdam North.

The Liskwartier is in 2007 named by the municipality of Rotterdam as “child-friendly neighborhood”; in 2010, the district Liskwartier ought to be “arguably more child-friendly”. In Liskwartier the project group of the neighborhood a pedagogical vision is composed and attempted to communicate this with the district [2].

There is a residents organization which tries to communicate with the residents of the neighborhood and the municipality North. The ‘ Liskids ‘, parents of children in the district Liskwartier, founded an association. They regularly organise a successful Queen’s day.


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